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Staff posted on February 10, 2010 10:22

This came in from I thought I’d pass it along.

Last month, the Obama administration announced a new tax on the biggest banks to get our bailout money back.

It's a relatively small fee, but Wall Street lobbyists are already railing against it. They're claiming that if banks have even slightly lower profits, they'll stop loaning money to small businesses.1

That claim's pretty hard to swallow—especially since the banks just paid out billions in bonuses.2 But a new report shows that the banks are funneling millions in campaign contributions to Republicans, who they hope will protect them from any new rules.3

Can you call Rep. Miller's district office nearest you? Ask him if he is in favor of the Obama administration's efforts to make banks pay taxpayers back for the bailout. If not, tell him you're disappointed with him for siding with banks over working people.

Representative Jeff Miller District Offices: 
    Fort Walton Beach: 850-664-1266
    Pensacola: 850-479-1183

Then, please report your call by clicking here:

When Wall Street was in crisis, taxpayers stepped in, bailing out big banks out with $700 billion. Some of that money has already been repaid, but we won't get an estimated $120 billion back.

The president has said that the biggest banks—the ones most responsible for the financial crisis—should pay back the remaining money. But now that they're out of immediate danger, the banks think they can return to their old ways and never look back. They don't think they have any responsibility to repay taxpayers.

As outrageous as that sounds, Wall Street gives millions in campaign contributions each year, so whoever does a better job shielding the banks from accountability has a lot to gain. And some lawmakers are already siding with the banks.4 That's why it's so important that Rep. Miller knows that his constituents want accountability for Wall Street.

Can you call him now and ask if he's in favor of the tax that will get taxpayers' money back from the banks?

Representative Jeff Miller
District Offices:
    Fort Walton Beach: 850-664-1266
    Pensacola: 850-479-1183

Then, please report your call by clicking here:

Thanks for all you do.

–Daniel, Kat, Eli, Laura, and the rest of the team


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